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Allow us to introduce ourselves!

This Mom & Pop operation has been running since 2009 by Will and Marci Lehnert - lovingly branded as "Wilma."

We ditched the corporate lifestyle early in our marriage to return to our restaurant roots (how we met!) and we never looked back. Hubby's journey began with a hunger for the entreprenuer lifestyle. A 5-year hot dog cart permit was held in Oz Park, Chicago while the catering operation gained speed. The explosive growth lead to our first brick-and-mortar opening in 2019.

With a passion for all things cooking and serving the community, we invite you to stop in for lunch any day of the week or be one of the 250+ people who invite us to host private service!

We offer the almighty Classic Chicago Dog, dragged through the garden, while still shaking things up with a selection of unconventional Haute Dogs, Artisan Sausages, Prime-grade Burgers, Italian Beef and more. This ain't your Papa's hot dog stand - we fancy. And be prepared to rock out when you arrive - Van Halen is in constant rotation.


* Daily Herald  and Journal Topics welcoming us to Mount Prospect May 2019

*On our transformation as Abe Froman Sausage, set up at Willis Tower, "Chicago Eater" May 2016

*Blog feature on "" April 2016

*Featured in the "Chicago Magazine" October 2015 issue

* June 2014

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